HOT NEWS !!! – The winners of CEDC :)

Central Europe Dust Championship ended on Sunday at 4 p.m. That was very, very intensive weekend.


First of all, we would like to thank you for your participation & involvement  :). We were very pleased to host 15 players on our tournament. Many thanks to Olivier Zamfirescu for his presence, support during whole event and elaboration of knockout stage maps & scenarios.



Championship – Best Dust Tactics Player in Central Europe :)

  1. 1st Central Europe Dust Champion: Johannes Haglund – Sweden (played AXIS)
  2. Marek Laskowski – Poland (played Allies)
  3. Marcin Jakubczyk – Poland (played AXIS)
  4. Ludvig Mauritzson – Sweden (played SSU)

Best Painted Model – Vehicles :)

  1. Koen Verberck – „Pounder”
  2. Krzysztof Kaczurba – „Light Pounder – Polish Kitten”
  3. Marek Kramarczyk – ” Wotan AR”

Best Painted Model – Infantry :)

  1. Krzysztof Kaczurba – „Tommy Cookers”
  2. Marcin Jakubczyk – „The Ghosts”
  3. Johannes Haglund – „Red Skull”

Best Painted Model – Vox Populi :)

  • Marek Kramarczyk – „Wotan AR”

Lot’s of photos and movies were made. We have to review and prepare all of them and then publish in gallery on our event website & Facebook. Moreover, due to the presence of Floris Hussaarts article and photo report about „1st Central Europe Dust Championship” will be published in nearest Issue of „Dust Monthly” (ex. „Dust Chronicles”).

Congratulation, Thanks a lot & See you next time :)